zur Info 1ET010 Op Paolo hört auf!!!

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zur Info 1ET010 Op Paolo hört auf!!!


Beitrag von 13GT5 »

... mit seiner Erlaubnis auch hier zur Kenntnis:

Hello friends , I'm Paolo 1ET010

I am writing this letter to give you a very important communication.

For personal reasons I decided (with much pain) to give up this hobby,

from this moment "08/01/2012" I will not do more active in 11 meters and then I will not longer part of the "ET HQ" of this fantastic group "family" ECHO TANGO "

I am NO longer QSL Manager, all QSLs received after 31/01/2012 will not be confirmed.

The new QSL manager from today is 1ET455 Carmelo.

For any information regarding the club should contact the HQ ET, my e-mail is no longer active.

Thanks again to everybody for your cooperation in these years and for your friendship

Paolo 1ET010 (Honorary Member)
55 + 73
Call 13GT005, 13GD555, KP135, Op Stephan
(Präsi GT DX-Group)
QTH Gummersbach, Locator JO31SA, WKD 135 DXCC on 11 :banane:
Liar´s are not the problem, the problem are the believers


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